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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...


Success Stories

To Whom It May Concern:
My husband and I were expecting our first child and in need of our own home when we contacted Rich. We didnt have much knowledge of the home buying process. He connected us to a great mortgage company where we secured a perfect rate and started our home search. In a short time after researching several properties, Rich helped us make an offer and close on our very first home. He was so helpful, professional, and easy to work with. We highly recommend his services for any home buyer and are so grateful we worked with him. 
Kristin, Bristol, CT
Hello Rich,
We want to thank you for handling multiple transactions for us over the years with expertise and professionalism. We were never let down when gave you our trust and confidence in coordinating our sales and purchases. And you did a great job handling the other incompetent agent when we purchased in Bristol.
Wayne and Doris, Bristol, CT
Hi Rich,
Thank you for selling our house and helping us in the purchase of two houses. You kept everything coordinated very nicely so we were able to make a smooth transition from one home to another. You negotiated very well for us.
Bobby & Gracie, Bristol, CT

To Whom It May Concern:
Because of a family emergency I had to sell my fathers house within two months. I thought this would be an impossible task because of the current down turn of the economy and subsequent bleak home selling market.   I contacted Rich and he told me not to worry, it could be done. He immediately took charge and started to work. He quickly made the house available to thousands of potential buyers and real estate agents on the worldwide market. Within four days of his posting a potential buyer was identified and interested in the home. It was then that Rich really got to work. Because of his knowledge, expertise and most importantly, his direct personal involvement in all aspects of home sales-- the house sold within one month, thousands of dollars above its appraised market price! Truly a remarkable feat. I highly recommend Rich’s services to anyone who really wants to have results when it comes to such important matters. Thanks Rich

Tom, Terryville, CT

Hey Rich,
You sold our house for a higher price than any other house ever sold on our street. It really helped us to move up to a bigger house.
Vic and Libby, Bristol, CT
Dear Rich,
Thank you for all your talents. I did not think it was possible for someone to come to my house, take some notes and pictures, go back to the office, and come back the next day with a value on the house and all the paperwork ready to get going - and at the same time, never making me feel rushed in any way! You have a certain way with people that is special. You very patiently and professionally answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. (I had a couple other agents out here who tried to rush me into putting my house on the market without really sitting down and talking to me. I quickly showed them the door.) With no man in the house, I felt lost as to how to proceed. You guided me every step of the way and I knew that I was in good hands with you. You even got me more for the house than I thought it was worth. I also want to thank you for cutting the grass for me on that hot day and helping me with those other things ;) You were there for me whenever I needed you. I'll be coming back to Connecticut at some point and I'll be calling you !!!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!
Beverly, Harwinton, CT
Well Rich,
I have enjoyed my home for one full year now thanks to your help! I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your help and offering your assistance in preparation in getting my home. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. I have started some home improvements. Things will be coming along slowly. But I am enjoying every hard working moment. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a great year 2000. I know I will. P.S. - I'll never forget the time you offered your help scraping and painting. ..............

Gina, Bristol, CT

To Whom It May Concern:
We can remember buying our first home clear as day. We were very young and not familiar with mortgages but knew we wanted a home. After calling real estate company after real estate company and only being asked what do you have to put down on a house got kind of frustrating. Here we are thinking we are first time home buyers and no one is offering to explain how to go about things to get a loan. So one afternoon we were looking through our local paper and saw the ad. Could it be true, could this person help us get our first home with no money down and not a lot of credit. Well one phone call later we were on our way. We were lucky and the process went very smoothly. Rich has lots of connections with various people and we were treated very well and ended up with our own home with a low interest rate and did not put a dime down. We were ecstatic. Still to this day we can't believe we got our first home at 20 years old. What a good feeling. I truly believe we could not have done it without Rich. The guidance of what to expect out of inspections, to his knowledge on financial issues, to even being the extra set of eyes noticing if something is wrong with a house your looking at. Not everyone receives service like that. We highly recommend Rich DiBiase. If you are looking for a house and want to be treated with respect and learn things along the way then he’s the agent you need.
Sandra & Bill, Bristol, CT

Hi Rich,

You took something very complex and made it real easy for us. We'll never forget all you did for us...

Harry & Sandra, Bristol, CT


Dear Rich,

When the 3 family house came on the market, the seller was not allowing any showings for a few days. There were other buyers interested in the property. You advised us make an offer contingent upon seeing all the units. Apparently no one else thought of that. The seller accepted our offer and that's the strategy that got us the house. Thanks Rich

Joe & Jen, Bristol, CT



Thanks for saving us $5,000 off the listed price and handling all the details for us....

John & ColetteBristol, CT


Dear Rich,

Thank you so much for helping me working out my problems and finding that great investment property. I will recommend you to my friends.

Bill, New Britain, CT


To Whom It May Concern:

Jeff and I had gone to numerous Realtors and mortgage lenders only to hear the same thing. When it came time to sign the papers, they all vanished leaving us disappointed. But after speaking with Rich, we learned that our biggest mistake was thinking we could never own our own home, which we couldn't possibly come up with the down payment, or even afford the mortgage. Jeff and I are not like many people who find themselves in a similar placement. We were at the point where we believed there was no way we could save enough money for the down payment and actually buy a house. What we learned after speaking with Rich was that it doesn't matter if you have the best credit, or if you don't, or have a lot of money or not, are self-employed, or even have a past bankruptcy. Luckily for us we took the chance and applied to an ad by Rich and learned that there are many innovative programs that make almost any type of borrower a potential home buyer. Jeff and I could hardly believe it when we called Rich and he took the time out of his busy schedule to meet us. Within a few days Rich set up showings for us no matter what town or travel. He cared to take the time to show us what we wanted to see. That day Jeff and I found our dream home. And in a few days that it took Rich to get the necessary items to close we finally own the home that other Realtors wouldn't give us the time of day for. All with no upfront fees and no risk to us. I highly recommend Rich DiBiase. If you really want to own a home, give Rich a call at 800-729-1205 and listen to his 24 hour-free recorded message to learn more about the programs. Rich is someone that will work for you even after you own a home. Thank you again Rich for always being there to help us through.

Jeff and Christine, Vernon, CT


Hi Rich,

You did such a great job I had to write to thank you. ............

Christine, Bristol, CT

Dear Rich,


appreciate your support. You told us how to solve our credit problems and get qualified for a great mortgage. Now we own a beautiful house...............

Richard & Karen, Terryville, CT


Hi Rich,

You were able to get us qualified for a loan when we had problems. You stuck with us through good times and bad. We know we can always count on you for honest advice and fair dealings. We will call you for our next purchase.

Mamo and Larraine, Bristol, CT



Dear Rich, 

We just wanted to write to say thank you for all your help. I can't believe we are actually home owners. I didn't think I'd ever own a home, let alone be a landlord. Between my being so irresponsible with my credit when I was younger and Jon's divorce, we thought it would be impossible to own a home - but here we are just four months after we called you collecting rent from four apartments and three garages. ...............Thanks again for all you've done for us................

Kelly, Bristol, CT



We never thought we could afford a house. You helped us get the financing we needed and showed us the way. We  couldn't have done it without you..............Thanks,

Jim & Larraine, Plainville, CT


Hiya Rich,

I wanted to give you a little write up on your services. Rich DiBiase turned a confusing and typically rough process into a smooth one.  He was always more than willing to help me and my family to find that home that suited us best, and he was always so responsive to my questions/concerns.  He demonstrated his very thorough and complete knowledge of all things real estate, and I was able to leverage upon that in making my decisions.  I didn't think that I'd be able to purchase the type of property that I did, and Rich showed me how, helped me out.  I highly recommend his services without hesitation to everyone, and really appreciate all of his efforts associated with me purchasing that oh so elusive first home… Thanks so much Rich!!

Pete, Wethersfield, CT


To Whom It May Concern:

It is said that "It's never too late to say Thank You!" and so come this long overdue message.

Several years have passed and too many milestones events to mention but it all started with a small house. The house was a dream when we first saw it - "we" including my single-mom daugter and her two small children.

Were it not for Rich DiBiase that dream might not have come true. He was in our corner all the way, guiding us through mountains of paperwork and assisting with the financial and legal protocol. We started with very little and ended up living in the dream.

Thank you Rich!

Most Sincerely, Mary M. Cardella


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